Florian asks White for another title shot while on TV

Kenny Florian will have his first fight at featherweight at UFC 131 against Diego Nunes, but he wants to have his plans set for the year. On national television, Florian had no qualms about asking the UFC for the next featherweight title shot after Jose Aldo and Mark Hominick’s bout at UFC 129.

About 2:45 into Dana White’s interview on "MMA Live," Florian, an analyst for the ESPN show, puts White on the spot. "Dana, if I get through Nunes and Aldo gets through Hominick, can

"As far as you getting through the title shot, everybody knows where you stand. You get in there, and if you make that weight, yeah. You’re probably in for the next title shot," White said.

There are two obstacles standing in Florian’s way. First, the weight cut will not be easy. Remember that Florian entered the UFC as a middleweight on the first season of "The Ultimate Fighter." Lightweight was clearly his most natural weight class. Losing another 10 lbs. will not be easy.

Secondly, Nunes shouldn’t be overlooked. His last three wins include a decision over former WEC champ Mike Brown, and he is already comfortable at featherweight. Florian is also returning to the cage for the first time since August. A knee injury prevented him from a planned fight in January.

Another championship shot for Florian would be a change of tune for White. After Florian lost to Gray Maynard in August in a bout that decided the lightweight title shot, White accused Florian of choking in big fights. In addition to the Maynard loss, Florian also has lost in each of his lightweight title shots.

Perhaps this is why White told Florian that another bite at the championship apple is in the offing. This can be KenFlo’s chance to redeem himself.

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/cagewriter/post/Florian-asks-White-for-another-title-shot-while-?urn=mma-wp1710

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