Now you can apply online to fight in the UFC

Like many companies, the UFC has turned to an online hiring system. Job applicants are asked to submit their resumes online for jobs in marketing, operations and fighting. Wait, really?

Yep. You can apply to be a fighter through its online system. Fill out its application with your details, your manager’s details, your weight class and your online fighting profile — through sites like Sherdog or Wikipedia — and verify that you have at least five professional fights, and voila! You’re in its system. Fighters will be evaluated and hired on a rolling basis.

If you don’t want to be a fighter, you can still have fun commenting on the people who are putting their dreams on the line. Yes, every fighter-wannabe’s profile is viewable, and even has a comment board.

Though this seems like a publicity stunt for the UFC — and it may be — it could still also find some talent that may have slipped through the cracks. They can also see if a fighter is popular enough to sell tickets before they ever offer a contract.

Would you apply? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook.

Thanks to Bloody Elbow


Ricco Rodriguez Jason Reinhardt Eddy Rolon João Roque Kristian Rothaermel


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