Watch UFC 129 from your own room in the Rogers Centre

UFC 129 in Toronto sold out in record time, but fans left without seats have an option to get into the Rogers Centre: book a room for $1,300 in the Renaissance Hotel, which is a part of the Rogers Centre and looks into the large, domed arena. You and up to three friends can enjoy the fights from the privacy of a hotel room.

Of course, there’s fine print:

The hotel plans on enforcing a strict set of special policies regarding the number of guests in the room, as well as the restriction of outside food and beverages, so be sure and check out the rules before booking the room.

You don’t want to be watching a crucial moment in Jake Shields vs. Georges St. Pierre and have hotel security bust in and kick everyone out before you hear the judges decision, so it makes sense to follow these rules.

According to the Renaissance, the hotel rooms are comparable to 200 or 300-level seats, which are going for between $350-600 on Stubhub. A $1,300-room split four ways is $350. Throw in tax and food, and the room will cost about $400 a person, so it’s not necessarily a cheaper option.

There are upsides to having a private room to watch the fights:

— No line for the bathroom.

— If a fight breaks out in the stands, that has no effect on you. Let the idiots tussle. They won’t knock over your beer.

— A break in the fights = naptime.

— The guy yelling, "PUT HIM IN A BODYBAG!" is not sitting behind you. Neither is the armchair coach, the know-it-all, the fighting couple or the way-too-drunk-too-early-in-the-night guy. (Unless those are your friends. If they are, you can lock them in the bathroom.)

But it’s not everything you could want in a fight-watching experience. A few years ago, a young woman tried to watch a Blue Jays game from a Renaissance room wearing nothing but a thong and a smile, and security quickly put an end to it.

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Would you want to watch the fights from a hotel room? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook.


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