QUOTABLES: UFC Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva discusses disrespectful Chael Sonnen, has no desire for a rematch

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief


“Chael disrespected me, disrespected all of the fans in MMA, Chael disrespected my people in Brazil. Chael no respect nothing. I don’t know what happened with Chael, but he’s a good fighter. Maybe I don’t look at Chael as a bad guy, but sometimes Chael has a problem with the fight. He has no control. I don’t know. This is Chael’s problem… I fought Chael for five rounds. Chael no win. I don’t go more to fight for Chael. I don’t care that Sonnen [wants] another chance for the belt, that’s just my opinion. I don’t know [who I’ll fight after Okami]. This is Dana’s decision. This is not my decision. I’m back [fighting] for my academy, I’m back for my friend, I fight for all the guys. [Whoever Dana puts in front of me], I’m going to fight.”

-Chael Sonnen talked to Ariel Helwani at MMAFighting.com on Monday in a rare English-speaking interview without a translator and commented on the man who took him to the bring at UFC 117, Chael Sonnen.

Penick’s Analysis: Because of how that first fight played out, there were a lot of calls for an immediate rematch prior to Sonnen’s positive test for steroids from that fight. I was never in that camp, because it wasn’t a close decision or a controversial stoppage or something that would have warranted the fight needing to happen right away. Business-wise it could have been huge, but Silva beat him decisively, even though he was well behind on the scorecards. Still, Silva will take the rematch if Sonnen wins a couple of fights and deems him worthy of a title shot. It’s the situation he has right now with Okami, where the UFC has him as the number one contender but Silva doesn’t feel he has anything to prove against him. But when the time comes that the UFC says “we want the rematch,” we’ll see Silva fight Sonnen again.

Source: http://www.mmatorch.com/artman2/publish/UFC_2/article_9161.shtml

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