THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 13 REPORT 4/13: Hyden’s (Virtual Time) Rundown of all the fights, all the drama on Spike TV


By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch contributor
The episode starts with a recap of last week’s fight between Javier Torres and Chris Cope. Chuck O’Neil is a bit upset about Brock Lesnar’s catchphrase of “Turning chickenshit into chicken salad”. Brock tries to clear up what he means and he kind of does a decent job. Some members of Team Dos Santos are wary of the new guy who’s replacing Keon Caldwell. The new guy is Justin. Coach Lew Polley wants Team Dos Santos to train harder. Several clips are shown of Lew being a hard-ass. Junior seems a bit taken aback by Lew’s attitude. Shamar Bailey is cut during one of these hard training sessions. Junior speaks out to his team and talks them up.

The fight announcement is next. Brock has the fight pick. He chooses Len Bentley vs. Ryan McGillivray. Some of the guys in the house are starting to bond. Chris Cope is hanging out with members of Team Dos Santos. Other Team Lesnar members are upset with that. Who freaking cares? This isn’t the Real World, we don’t need this fake drama stuff. You don’t work for the CIA, there’s no state secrets here. Len has been training for a long time to be a MMA fighter. Len talks to Brock about Chris hanging out with Team Dos Santos. Brock sets him straight and tells him to not worry about it. Brock is making perfect sense. He keeps telling Len to not worry about that stuff.

Junior has to talk to Lew about pushing the guys too hard. Junior is setting Lew straight about how he wants things run. He doesn’t want Lew to work the guys too hard. Ryan is fighting for his daughter. He wants to take care of her and being a fighter will allow him to do that. Ryan has to cut 5 pounds by the next day. He’s taking a home sauna. The coaches are there to help him, which is cool.

At the official weigh-in, Len makes weight fine. Ryan makes weight good, too. Brock has to leave and can’t be there for the fight. He says to the camera that his family comes first, then walks off. That was like a Gary Busey moment there. Len is training hard and is pretty confident. Ryan is also very confident. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is there in the audience for this fight.

FIGHT- Len Bentley vs. Ryan McGillivray
Ryan is 2 inches taller and has a 2 inch reach advantage. Josh Rosenthal is the referee.

ROUND 1- Len starts aggressive, with kicks and punches. Len drops Ryan with a huge shot. Len jumps on top and is in mount. Len is working his ground-and-pound, but Ryan is tying him up and preventing him from landing any big punches. Ryan works his way to full guard. Len backs away and Ryan stands up. Ryan with a nice hook. Len comes in or a punch but Ryan lands a monster punch. Len is down on the ground and Ryan is on top. Ryan drags Len to the cage. Len almost has a slick submission. Ryan damn near has his arm broken but is able to avoid disaster. Ryan nearly locks in a cross. Ryan then slaps on a tight guillotine but Len holds on until the round ends.

ROUND 2- Len with a leg kick. Ryan working the jab. Len is loading up his punches and looking for the knockout. They’re trading, with neither guy getting a big advantage. Ryan seems to be slowly breaking Len down, though Len is holding his own in some exchanges. Ryan staggers Len with a couple of good shots. Ryan almost gets a takedown, but Len is fighting it. Ryan finally gets Len to the ground, but Len gets back up. They’re pushed up against the cage. Len with a few knees to the body. Len is really wearing down. That first round took it out of him. Len is fighting back, though. He’s really giving it his all. Ryan just seems to be a step quicker. Ryan almost finishes the fight, but Len is saved by the bell.

I would give Ryan the win here. That was a pretty good fight, much better than previous ones even dating back to prior seasons.

WINNER- Ryan McGillivray by Majority Decision

Len is upset about the judges decision. Dana White gives Len a pep talk and tells him that he has nothing to hang his head about. Ryan is extremely happy and gets emotional talking about his daughter. That was a good fight. I liked it a lot. It was much better than what we’ve been seeing. Len Bentley is almost a shoo-in for the Wild Card fight.

NEXT WEEK- The clown stuff begins, plus Matt Hughes is a guest coach for Team Lesnar


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