Thiago Silva’s deception requires NSAC to add ‘special’ inspection

Keith Kizer didn’t sign up for this. Thankfully, he’s the boss, so he’ll probably get someone else to do the dirty work now required because of Thiago Silva.

The UFC light heavyweight joined a short list of prominent athletes who tried to beat a drug test by submitting a false urine test. We should point out that it’s a short list of athletes that have been caught.

Cagewriter first mentioned the rumors of a phony sample back on Feb. 25. The Nevada State Athletic Commission confirmed that Silva did submit a sample inconsistent with human urine. Silva  came clean taking full blame for trying to beat the system after his win over Brandon Vera at UFC 125.

We make decisions every day of our lives. Some are good, and some are bad. When you make a bad decision, you can either make the situation worse by trying to cover it up or lie about it, or just stick your head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge it even happened," Silva said in a statement to MMAjunkie. "Or you can own up to it with an honest explanation, accept the consequences of your actions, apologize to the people affected by it, learn from it and move on.

Silva said he felt pressure to use a banned substance after he re-injured his back just 45 days before the Vera bout.

Kizer dealt with the same situation back in 2006 with Kevin Randleman before a PRIDE card.

"What [Randleman] did was he grabbed the inner-thigh of his shorts, kind of pulled it open, stuck out what we thought was the tip of his penis ? it was the same color as the rest of his skin ? and then urinated in the cup and gave it to our inspector," Kizer said.

The executive director of the NSAC admits his staff will probably need to outright inspect the genitalia of fighters as they provide a sample.

"I we think might have to take it a step further … It might be a situation where inspectors have to go really close and look," said Kizer.

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