QUOTABLES: Matt Hamill says he’ll break Rampage’s will at UFC 130, looks to make a run towards a title shot

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief


“I know I’m going to break his will ? I know I’m going to beat Rampage. I’ve been training real hard and my conditioning and my skills and technique, striking and kicking are a lot better… I think it’s my moment and time to shine, so I’m really excited to fight Rampage… I knew that Jon Jones was going to go way up to the top when I fought him. I know he beat me… I made a mistake when he took me down. From now on, it won’t happen again. My goal is to get a title shot no matter who the opponent is. So it depends on how the UFC plays the cards.”

-Matt Hamill talks to Ariel Helwani at MMAFighting.com about his UFC 130 bout with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and making his way up the ladder towards a title shot.

Penick’s Analysis: This is a fight that Hamill absolutely can win, and if he has improved his game to the point he believes he has, he’ll surprise a lot of people in May. Rampage still has the better striking game and a wrestling base that could give Hamill some difficulties, but Hamill can absolutely hang with him. Should he get past Rampage, he’d only be a fight or two from a title shot, especially with Jon Jones as Champion. If the UFC wants to give Jones a chance to avenge the only “loss” on his record, and should Hamill win a couple more high profile fights, it’s a rematch that they can sell. That’s still a ways away, but for now don’t count Hamill out against Rampage.

Source: http://www.mmatorch.com/artman2/publish/UFC_2/article_8959.shtml

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