THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 13 REPORT 4/06: Hyden’s full rundown of second episode of Lesnar vs. Dos Santos coached season


By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch contributor

The episode starts with a recap of last week’s premiere, when Shamar Bailey defeated Nordin Ashir. Team Dos Santos is training with gas masks on, all in an effort to improve their cardio. They’re all working hard. Keon Caldwell is struggling with missing his family. He throws up after tha training. Brock Lesnar is working his guys hard and trying to get his guys to improve, especially their wrestling. Brock says his new catchphrase, ‘We’re trying to turn chicken shit into chicken salad”.

Keon misses his daughter too much, it looks like he’s going to go home. Junior Dos Santos tries to talk him out of it, telling him that he needs to stay. Shamar says that if he needs someone to convince him, then he shouldn’t be here. Dana White shows up, looking to talk to Keon.

Dana drops a single f-bomb during his pep talk to Keon. He must be watching his language on purpose. It’s kind of odd. Junior Dos Santos gets to pick the fight this week. The fight will be Javier Torres vs. Chris Cope. Javier is one of the best guys on Team Dos Santos. Lew Polley, an assistant on Team Dos Santos, knows Chris and says that he’s a part-time fighter and tells Javier how to beat him.

Javier started as a boxer in Mexico and has been working his way to the UFC for years. Javier is busting his butt for his fight. Keon still wants to go back to his family. Junior tells him to go. I think Keon is making a huge mistake. Dana isn’t happy, as would be expected.

The promo for Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields is really good, but that doesn’t change the fact that GSP is going to mess Shields up big-time. Back from the break, Chris Cope is training for his fight. Chris has a full-time job, but he says he’s already accomplished more than anyone thought he would. Brock pulls out his best coaching pep talk and says that anyone can win at anytime. No one is unbeatable. That’s very true.

Chris is rolling around in the bathroom with someone. Others in the house think he should be sleeping. Chris has a letter from his girlfriend that he uses to motivate himself. He also has a stuffed bunny from his girlfriend. Javier’s girlfriend is pregnant, he just found out before he left. He’s going to use that to motivate himself. Both guys have a lot to fight for, this should be a hard-fought one.

FIGHT- Javier Torres vs. Chris Cope
The height is the same, Javier has a 1 inch reach advantage. Herb Dean is the referee.

ROUND 1- They tie up against the cage, Javier pushing Chris into it. They trade a few knees from here. Chris gets Javier off of him and they move to the center of the cage. They quickly tie up, and Javier gets a takedown. Javier is on Chris’ back. They tie up against the cage again and Javier pulls out the unforgivable foot stomp. What the hell is that? Leave that stuff in the indy’s. Javier uses the foot stomp a few more times. Chris is on the offensive now. Javier and Chris keep trading knees. Javier goes for a throw, but Chris blocks it. Chris is cut under his left eye. Javier won that round, but not by much.

ROUND 2- They tie up against the cage again before separating. Javier throws some good body kicks. Chris answers with one of his own. They tie up on the cage again. Both guys throw a few knees, but there’s not a ton of action Both guys are jockeying for position. They separate. Chris with a nice leg kick. Chris charges in and Javier ties him up. Thankfully, they separate. Brock’s voice is really cracking as he’s telling Chris, “Make him come to you!” They’re tied up again. Neither guy has very good clinch-fighting, to be honest. They separate and Chris throws a few bombs. Javier lands a wicked leg kick. They start trading, but then Javier ties Chris up. This is probably going to a third round, Chris is probably winning this round. Javier isn’t doing as much as Chris this round. Yeah, this is going 3.

ROUND 3- Chris looks ready to go, bouncing around. Javier has some bounce, too. Chris lands a leg kick before Javier ties him up.They spin around a little, trading places a few times. Javier goes for a takedown, but Chris gets him down. They get up immediately, though, and go back to tying each other up. Chris lands a couple low blows to Javier and Herb Dean steps in. After a small break, they go back to being tied up on the cage. They separate. Chris with another great leg kick. They tie up again. Javier with that damn foot stomp again. They separate again. They tie up again, after little action. Both guys seem committed to the clinch. Brock is sure that Chris has won this round. Sure looks that way to me. Both guys are throwing some good knees in the clinch. The round ends, and it looks like Chris should win. He just did more in that round. The coaches dissect what happened in the fight.

WINNER- Chris Cope by Decision

Brock is very happy about the win. Junior says this loss will make the team stronger in the long run. Lew says that this should eat the team up inside. Whatever it takes to motivate you. The fight tonight wasn’t the best. It was hard-fought, though. It just wan’t very pretty. You do what it takes to win, though.

NEXT WEEK- Lew Polley goes too far with his coaching, injuring a fighter


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